Effortlessly install developer tools with easy-to-remember URLs.
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Why Webi?

Install (mostly) cross-platform tools, from official builds

  • quickly
  • without sudo or Admin
  • without a package manager
  • without changing system file permissions


Node.js JavaScript v8 runtime
Deno Secure TypeScript runtime, written in Rust
Go (golang) tools and compiler
Powershell cross-platform pwsh for all
Python (pyenv) conflict-free Python versions
Rust (rustlang) programming toolchain
Flutter Web, Mobile, & Desktop UI Tookit

Developer Tools

webi cli for webinstall.dev
Brew macOS and Linux package manager
awless powerful, but lightweight cli for AWS
bat cat, but git and code aware
Comrak Github-Flavored Markdown to HTML
curlie curl wrapped in syntax highlighting and other goodies
chromedriver WebDriver for headless Chrome automation
dotenv run commands with .env loaded
fd modern, git-aware, alternative to find
ffmpeg transcode video and audio files
GitHub CLI (gh) GitHub's git-shortcut CLI (the replacement for 'hub')
git-config-gpg Configure git for gpg-signed, GitHub-verified commits
Go Releaser publish cross-platform binaries to Git Releases
hexyl hex editor with type highlighting
Hugo fastest framework for building websites
iTerm2 the best Terminal for macOS
iTerm2 Utils shell integrations for profile switching, utils, etc
jq cli for transforming JSON
keypairs like jwt.io (and more) for the cli
LSDeluxe modern, next-gen ls with Nerd Font support
The Nerd Font Droid Sans Mono infused with Icons
pandoc convert between document formats
Prettier opinionated code style
Ripgrep (rg) a git-aware drop-in replacement for grep
sass performant SASS and SCSS (native build)
shfmt bash linter and prettifier
shellcheck Google style guide linter for bash
watchexec watch for changes and run a command
yq edit JSON and YAML config file values in place
xz cross-platform lzma (de)compression


Vim Essentials
vim-leader map the Leader key to Space and Comma
vim-shell explicitly set the vim shell to bash
vim-sensible sensible defaults for vim
vim-lastplace resumes cursor where you left off
vim-viminfo reasonable copy and history buffers
vim-ale syntax highlighting and lint-while-you-type
vim-prettier Prettier for vim (markdown, js, html, css)
vim-whitespace set tab width to 4 spaces, consistently & trim trailing spaces
Useful Additions
vim-devicons add icons (nerdfont) various vim plugins
vim-go Go tooling for vim
vim-gui mouse, clipboard, and other GUI support for vim
vim-nerdtree a better file browser for vim
vim-rust Rust tooling for vim

System Utils

Caddy Modern, Let's Encrypt-enabled HTTP/2 Webserver
Fish A friendly, interactive shell
Gitea Lightweight, beautiful, self-hosted git
GnuPG sign and verify git commits and emails
gpg-pubkey gets, copies, and shows your GnuPG Public Key
myip shows your real IP address
Pathman PATH manager
PostgreSQL The World's Most Advanced Open Source Relational Database
rclone like rsync, but optimized for Cloud Storage and SSDs
Serviceman system service manager
ssh-adduser create a user with the same authorized_keys as root
ssh-pubkey gets, copies, and shows your SSH Public Key
sudo (for Windows) run commands from the CLI as administrator
syncthing self-hosted multi-device file sync
vps-addswap quickly add swap space to a VPS
WSL Windows Subsystem for Linux for WSL, WSL 2, and Ubuntu Linux


What are your "daily drivers"? What great tools are we missing?

Contribute by letting us know, and helping us add it.

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