gh is GitHub on the command line.

To update or switch versions, run webi gh@stable (or @v1, @beta, etc).

Cheat Sheet

gh is cross-platform Github command-line. You can perform pull requests create-repo, isssues, fork and other GitHub functionalities right from your terminal while Working with Git and your code.


  • For macOS and Windows macOS/Windows
  • For linux Installation on specific distribution linux


Authenticate with your Github account.

gh auth login

Pull Request

Create a pull request.

gh pr create -t <title> -b <body>

Check out pull requests locally.

gh pr checkout

Check the status of yout pull requests.

gh pr status

View Your pull requests' checks.

gh pr check


View and filter a repository's open issues.

gh issue list


Create a new release.

gh release create 0.1


View repository READMEs.

gh repo view

Create Shortcut

Create Shortcut for a gh command.

gh alias set bugs 'issue list --label="bugs"'


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