Who are we and why are we doing this?

AJ ONeal AJ ONeal
Technophobic Technologist Extraordinaíre

AJ’s superpower is to not be stupid, most of the time at least, which is more than I can say for myself. - Ryan Burnette

I consult, primarily with small companies on Security, Auth, On-Prem, and IoT related projects. I’ve also worked on projects for Intel and Sonos and landed code in consumer products including Slack, the Apple TV SDK, and Mozilla IoT.

I’m building webi to make it easier for my clients to deploy their products and to make life easier for students of my upcoming Beyond Code Bootcamp course.

Ryan Burnette Ryan Burnette
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Ryan’s superpower is the ability to de-complicate a problem until only the part that must be done remains. - AJ ONeal

As a web developer, I prefer the tried-and-true approach to the cool-and-new any day of the week.

I’m working on webi because I find tools like pathman and serviceman incredibly valuable. I want the easiest possible way to install them as I set up new client machines, as well as to share them with others.