Caddy is a fast, multi-platform web server with automatic HTTPS.

Updating caddy

webi caddy@stable

Use the @beta tag for pre-releases, or @x.y.z for a specific version.

Cheat Sheet

Caddy makes it easy to use Let's Encrypt to handle HTTPS (TLS/SSL) and to reverse proxy APIs and WebSockets to other apps - such as those written node, Go, python, ruby, and PHP.

How to serve a directory

caddy file-server --browse --listen :4040

How to redirect and reverse proxy

Here's what a fairly basic Caddyfile looks like:

# redirect www to bare domain {
    redir{uri} permanent
} {
    # log to stdout, which is captured by journalctl
    log {
        output stdout
        format console

    # turn on standard streaming compression
    encode gzip zstd

    # reverse proxy /api to :3000
    reverse_proxy /api/* localhost:3000

    # serve static files from public folder, but not /api
    @notApi {
        file {
            try_files {path} {path}/ {path}/index.html
        not path /api/*
    route {
      rewrite @notApi {http.matchers.file.relative}
    root * /srv/

And here's how you run caddy with it:

caddy run --config ./Caddyfile


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