Ripgrep is a git and sourcecode-aware drop-in grep replacement.

Updating rg

webi rg@stable

Use the @beta tag for pre-releases.

Cheat Sheet

Ripgrep (rg) is smart. It's like grep if grep were built for code. It respects .gitignore and .ignore, has all of the sensible options you want (colors, numbers, etc) turned on by default, is written in Rust, and typically outperforms grep in many use cases.

rg <search-term> # searches recursively, ignoring .git, node_modules, etc
rg 'function doStuff'
rg 'doStuff\(.*\)'

Use -v to filter out all matches so that only non-matches are left.

rg 'bar' | rg -v 'foobar'

Disable Smart Filtering

By default rg respects .gitignore, .ignore, .git/info/exclude and ignores many types of hidden files, dot files, etc.

You can use -uu to set all of the --no-ignore-* options and others.

rg -uu 'SECRET='


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