aliasman: A cross-shell (POSIX-compliant) alias manager for bash, zsh, and fish

To update or switch versions, run webi aliasman@stable (or @v1.0.0, @beta, etc).


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Cheat Sheet

aliasman helps you love your aliases again! 🥸
Set 'em once, use 'em everywhere!
(and all in just one dotfile, for an on-the-go friendly config)

aliasman <alias-name> <command-name> [args, pipes, redirs, etc]

What are Aliases?

An alias is just shorthand for a shell function.

Take a long command like this:

git commit -m "feat: new feature"

And turn it into a short command, like this:

gc "feat: new feature"

(that would be aliasman gc 'git commit -m')

Imagine the possibilities!

  1. What if you could quickly create a command, ll,
    that does the work of ls -lAhF!?
  2. Set an alias to do just that!
    aliasman ll 'ls -lAhF'
  3. Reload your alias config (or open a new terminal)
    source ~/.config/envman/alias.env
  4. Use it!
    drwxr-xr-x aj wheel 416 B  Thu Feb  9 02:08:39 2023 📂 .git/
    .rwxr-xr-x aj staff 6.2 KB Thu Feb  9 01:36:30 2023 💻 aliasman*
    .rw-r--r-- aj wheel  16 KB Wed Feb  8 21:51:06 2023 🔑 LICENSE
    .rw-r--r-- aj wheel 1.4 KB Thu Feb  9 01:47:13 2023 📄

Common aliases

Use aliases to make other tools you find around webi even more convenient ⚡️ (and powerful 💪).

aliasman curl 'curlie'

aliasman diffy 'diff -y --suppress-common-lines'

aliasman gc 'git commit -m'
aliasman gri 'git rebase -i'

aliasman la 'lsd -AF'
aliasman ll 'lsd -lAhF'
aliasman ls 'lsd -F'

aliasman rgi 'rg -i'

aliasman tree 'lsd -F --tree --group-dirs=last'

# random password generator
aliasman rnd 'xxd -l24 -ps /dev/urandom'

How to replace an alias

Just run the command again!

aliasman ll 'lsd -l'
aliasman ll 'lsd -lAhF'

How to delete an alias

With --delete!

aliasman --delete ll

How to see an alias

Just supply the name!

aliasman rnd
alias rnd='xxd -l24 -ps /dev/urandom'


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