iTerm2 Themes: the best color schemes for iTerm2 (the macOS terminal that does amazing things).

Cheat Sheet

There are 216+ color schemes for iTerm2. Here's my shortlist. I chose them because they are easy on the eyes and distinct.

The installer will download them to ~/Downloads/webi/iterm2-themes

~/Downloads/webi/iterm2-themes/Tomorrow\ Night.itermcolors

It's up to you to open them, and then iTerm2 will ask you to confirm.

open ~/Downloads/webi/iterm2-themes/*.itermcolors


Two-finger click "Save Link As" (or similar) to download.

If you're using fish (as you should be!), be sure to set your shell color theme to the same or similar:

fish_config colors

How to set up profile switching

I suggest using different profiles:

  • Default (no matching hosts)
  • Local (matching my local hostname)
  • Remote (matching app@ for VPSes and cloud environments)
  • Prod (matching specific app@hostnames for production systems)
  • Root (matching root@)

You need to "Install Shell Integration" on each host for profile switching to work.

"Install iTerm2 Shell Integrations"

"Enable iTerm2 Profile Switching"


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