Add to your SSH Authorized Keys from a string, file, or url.

Cheat Sheet

Does the tedious work of making sure your .ssh/authorized_keys exists with the proper permissions, and that only valid keys from a given string, file, or URL go into it!

Use ssh-authorize to add trusted public keys to allow others to login to your servers / systems / local computers;

# ssh-authorize <ssh-pubkey-or-file-or-url> [comment]
ssh-authorize 'My GitHub Keys'

    ssh-authorize <ssh-pubkey-or-file-or-url> [comment]


    ssh-authorize 'My GH Keys'

    ssh-authorize ./

    ssh-authorize 'ssh-rsa'



How to Add Manually

For the simplest case it seems almost silly to even have a utility for this:

mkdir -p ~/.ssh/
chmod 0700 ~/.ssh/

touch ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
chmod 0600 ~/.ssh/

curl >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

but... tedium, error checking... things are never as simple as they seem.

But really, why?

  • handles arbitrary files and URLs, failing bad key lines
  • sets permissions correctly, even if they were incorrect
  • works curl (macOS, Ubuntu) or wget (Docker, Alpine)
  • enforces https


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