iTerm2: a terminal emulator for macOS that does amazing things.

Cheat Sheet

The only bad thing about iTerm2 is that it's so seamless and intuitive that you quickly forget why you started using it - it just fades into the background.

iTerm2 supports a lot of nifty features, including:

  • Excellent themes
  • Hold ⌘ to make links clickable
  • Per-user & per-host sessions
  • Lots of fun little utilities
  • Better tmux / screen support
  • GPU-accelerated

Important: Unlike most packages, iTerm2 will be installed to ~/Applications.

How to make the best of iTerm2

Open Preferences with Cmd ⌘ + ,

- Appearance
  - Tabs
    - Preserve window size when tab bars shows or hides
- Profiles
  - General
    - Command
      - Custom Shell (see the Fish Cheat Sheet: <>)
    - Colors
      - Color Presets... (see theme recommendations below)
    - Text
      - Font (see the Nerd Fonts Cheat Sheet: <>)
      - Anti-Aliased
  - Terminal
    - Notifications
    - Check Silence bell
    - Uncheck Flash visual bell
  - Advanced
    - Automatic Profile Switch (see notes below)
- Advanced
  - (this is where you can reset prompts)

How to set up profile switching

I suggest using different profiles:

  • Default (no matching hosts)
  • Local (matching my local hostname)
  • Remote (matching app@ for VPSes and cloud environments)
  • Prod (matching specific app@hostnames for production systems)
  • Root (matching root@)

You need to "Install Shell Integration" on each host for profile switching to work.

"Install iTerm2 Shell Integrations"

"Enable iTerm2 Profile Switching"

Which themes are the best?

There are 216+ color schemes.

Here's my shortlist. I chose them because they are easy on the eyes and distinct.

Two-finger click "Save Link As" (or similar) to download.

If you're using fish (as you should be!), be sure to set your shell color theme to the same or similar:

fish_config colors


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