viminfo keeps track of Vim's state when switching between files

To update (replacing the current version) run webi vim-viminfo.


These are the files / directories that are created and/or modified with this install:


Cheat Sheet

~/.viminfo stores cursor position, copy and paste buffers, command history, and a few other goodies. The defaults aren't always good, and should be tweaked.

In an age where we have terabytes of storage (rather than kilobytes of storage), it makes sense to bump the size of Vim's copy buffers to match the full size of largest code file you're likely to come across, and somewhere between several hours and a few days worth of history.

This one-line plugin does just that.

How to install manually

Create the file ~/.vim/plugins/viminfo.vim. Add the same contents as

That will look something like this:

" Tell vim to remember certain things when we exit
"  '100  :  marks will be remembered for up to 100 previously edited files
"  "20000:  will save up to 20,000 lines for each register
"  :200  :  up to 200 lines of command-line history will be remembered
"  %     :  saves and restores the buffer list
"  n...  :  where to save the viminfo files
set viminfo='100,\"20000,:200,%,n~/.viminfo

Then ~/.vimrc should be updated to include it:

" viminfo: reasonable defaults from
source ~/.vim/plugins/viminfo.vim


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