takes popular programming fonts and adds a bunch of Glyphs

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A font with a high number of extra glyphs from popular 'iconic fonts' such as Font Awesome ➶, Devicons ➶, Octicons ➶, and others.

This installs just "Droid Sans Mono for Powerline Nerd Font Complete.otf".

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Nerd Fonts for Windows Terminal

Note: This will NOT work in Command.exe. You must get Windows Terminal from the Microsoft Store.

You can update the font in the Windows Terminal settings either for the "Defaults" profile (which applies to all profiles unless overwritten) or individually for different profiles under Settings -> <profile_name> -> Appearance -> Font face:

Windows Terminal Settings Windows Terminal Settings (Screenshots taken with Windows Terminal version 1.16.10262.0)

Additionally, you can update profiles.defaults.font.face in the Windows Terminal settings.json directly:

  "profiles": {
    "defaults": {
      "font": {
        "face": "DroidSansMono NF"

Nerd Fonts for iTerm2

Find iTerm2 in the top Mac menu, then...

  • => Preferences (Cmd ⌘ + ,)
  • => Profiles
  • => Text
  • => Font
  • => Select "DroidSansMono Nerd Font"
  • => (you may also want to turn on Anti-Aliasing and turn off highlight bold text)

MacOS iTerm2 Settings

Nerd Fonts for Terminal.app (similar for iTerm2)

Find Terminal in the top Mac menu, then...

  • => Preferences
  • => Profiles
  • => [Profile Name]
  • => Text
  • => Font
  • => Change
  • => Select "Droid Sans Mono for Powerline Nerd Font Complete.otf"
  • => Double Click the font name to Save & Apply!

MacOS Terminal.app Settings

Where does the font go?




HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts




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