Arc is a cross-platform, multi-format archive utility.

To update or switch versions, run webi arc@stable (or @v3.5, @beta, etc).


These are the files / directories that are created and/or modified with this install:


Cheat Sheet

Archiver (arc) is a powerful and flexible library meets an elegant CLI in this generic replacement for several platform-specific or format-specific archive utilities.

Much like MacOS Finder and Windows Explorer, the default behavior of arc is to create a top-level directory if one does not exist.


# arc ls <archive file>
arc ls

Unarchive (whole)

# arc unarchive <archive file>
arc unarchive

Extract (partial)

# arc extract <archive file> <archived path> <extracted path>
arc extract    example/foo     ~/Downloads/foo

Archive (recursive)

# arc archive <archive file> <files or folders ...>
arc archive    ./ ./bin ./src

Compress (single file)

# arc compress <single file> <format>
arc compress   ./example.tar xz

Decompress (single file)

# arc decompress <archive file>
arc decompress   ./example.tar.xz

Supported extensions

These are the support compression formats, archive formats, and tar file and other extensions.

Compression Archive Tar File Bare Extension
- .tar - -
xz .tar.xz .txz .xz
gzip .tar.gz .tgz .gz
bzip2 .tar.bz2 .tbz2 .bz2
brotli .tbr .br
lzma .tar.lz4 .tlz4 .lz4
snappy .tsz .lsz
zstd .tar.zst - .zst
ZIP .zip - -
RAR .rar - -


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