curlie wraps curl with modern defaults and httpie-like syntax highlighting

To update or switch versions, run webi curlie@stable (or @v1.6, @beta, etc).

Cheat Sheet

If you like the interface of HTTPie but miss the features of curl, curlie is what you are searching for. Curlie is a frontend to curl that adds the ease of use of httpie, without compromising on features and performance. All curl options are exposed with syntax sugar and output formatting inspired from httpie.

Headers (:) are recognized by being in the format Key-Name:Value.

JSON (=) is the default encoding for key=value pairs.

Simple GET

curlie -v

POST simple JSON with headers

curlie -v POST "Authorization: Bearer xxxx" "name=John Doe"


curlie -v POST "Authorization: Bearer xxxx" -d '
        "name": "John Doe"

Spoof Host and SNI

The --resolve option is for when you need to test a local service as if it had a remote hostname and TLS SNI (or when you want to break things 😈).

curlie "Host:" \


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