My IP answers the question "what's my IP address?"

Updating myip

webi myip


These are the files / directories that are created and/or modified with this install:


Cheat Sheet

myip will contact to tell you your IP addresses:

  1. for your IPv4 or A address
  2. for your IPv6 or AAAA address

Example output:

IPv4 (A)   :
IPv6 (AAAA): 2605:a601:a919:9800:f8be:f2c4:9ad7:9763

What is an IP address?

An IP or Internet Protocol address is basically the phone number of your computer or server.

Whenever you visit a domain - such as - the part is resolved to the IP address using, quite literally, the internet's Contacts list, known as DNS.

How to get your IP address?

Due to how complex networking can be, the most reliable way to get your IP address is basically to "make a call" to another server and ask it to tell you what shows up on the "called id", as it were.

IPify is such a service.

You likely have an IPv4 or A address as well as an IPv6 or AAAA address.

To find out your IPv4 or A address:

curl -s

To find out your IPv6 or AAAA address:

curl -s

To find out either address:

curl -s

You can also use the ifconfig, ip, or ipconfig commands to figure this out, but they may give you incorrect information if the network setup is complex (as is the case... most of the time - home and business networks, cloud networks, etc).


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