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Cheat Sheet

SSH Utils includes shortcut commands for common tasks.


ssh-pubkey will make sure you have an SSH key, and then print it to the screen and place it in ~/Downloads.


ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDTOhRnzDJNBNBXVCgkxkEaDM4IAp81MtE8fuqeQuFvq5gYLWoZND39N++bUvjMRCveWzZlQNxcLjXHlZA3mGj1b9aMImrvyoq8FJepe+RLEuptJe3md4EtTXo8VJuMXV0lJCcd9ct+eqJ0jH0ww4FDJXWMaFbiVwJBO0IaYevlwcf0QwH12FCARZUSwXfsIeCZNGxOPamIUCXumpQiAjTLGHFIDyWwLDCNPi8GyB3VmqsTNEvO/H8yY4VI7l9hpztE5W6LmGUfTMZrnsELryP5oRlo8W5oVFFS85Lb8bVfn43deGdlLGkwmcJuXzZfostSTHI5Mj7MWezPZyoSqFLl johndoe@MacBook-Air


Many modern web programs (npm and postgres, for example) will not function correctly if run as root. ssh-adduser adds user app with the same ~/.ssh/authorized_keys as the root user, with a long random password, and gives app sudo privileges.


Enforces security for /etc/ssh/sshd_config

- #PasswordAuthentication yes
+ PasswordAuthentication no

- #PermitRootLogin yes
+ PermitRootLogin prohibit-password

  # macOS only
- UsePAM yes
+ UsePAM no


Adds public ssh keys from a string, file, or url to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys to allow the owner(s) of the keys access to the system to which they're added.

Also performs various checks to prevent errors.


ssh-setpass will ask you for your old passphrase (if any) and then for the new one to reset it with.


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