Utilities for Dash Core (DASH / Digital Cash)

To update, run webi dashcore-utils.


These are the files / directories that are created and/or modified with this install:



dashcore will also be installed if not present.

Cheat Sheet

Convenience scripts for running the Dash Daemon or the Dash Core Desktop Wallet.

  • dash-qt-hd
  • dash-qt-testnet
  • dashd-hd
  • dashd-hd-service-install
  • dashd-testnet
  • dashd-testnet-service-install

For historical reasons dashd (System Daemon) and dash-qt (Desktop Wallet) use lossy keys (non-HD wallets) by default, and the storage options options are not intuitive.

These scripts run them with safer options that are easier to configure for server and desktop deployment, respectively.

How to run the DASH System Daemon

  1. Mount or otherwise designate a user-owned folder on a storage volume with 60g+ free space, such as
  2. Generally you'll want to install the Dash Daemon as a system service
    dashd-hd-install-service /mnt/vol_slc1_100g/dashcore/

To accomplish the same manually you would:

  1. Create ~/.dashcore/dash.conf with reasonable defaults

Which is essentially the same as:

my_user="$(id -u -n)"

sudo mkdir /mnt/slc1_vol_100g/dashcore/
chown -R "$my_user" /mnt/slc1_vol_100g/dashcore/

mkdir -p ~/.dashcore/wallets/
mkdir -p /mnt/slc1_vol_100g/dashcore/_data
mkdir -p /mnt/slc1_vol_100g/dashcore/_caches

sudo env PATH="$PATH" serviceman add \
        --system --user "$my_user" --path "$PATH" --name dashd --force -- \
    dashd \
        -usehd \
        -conf="$HOME/.dashcore/dash.conf" \
        -walletdir="$HOME/.dashcore/wallets/" \
        -datadir=/mnt/slc1_vol_100g/dashcore/_data \

See also:

How to run the DASH Desktop Wallet

To open an existing (or create a new) Dash Desktop Wallet:


Which is essentially the same as:

dash-qt \
    -usehd \
    -walletdir="$HOME/.config/dashcore/wallets/" \
    -settings="$HOME/.config/dashcore/settings.json" \
    -datadir="$HOME/.dashcore/_data/" \

Or pass -testnet to use with TestNet.

See also:


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