The Webi Essentials are curl, git, tar, wget, xz, zip, & webi shell integrations

Cheat Sheet

Even Webi needs a place to start.

This installs the tools that are commonly needed to download and unpack various packages, using the native package manager.

This requires root or sudo for apt or apk on Linux.

Table of Contents

  • Files
  • Manual Install
    • macOS
    • Linux
    • Alpine
    • Windows


These are the files / directories that are created and/or modified with this install:

# macOS

# macOS & Windows

# Windows

# Linux

How to Install Manually

Most of these utilities are either built-in or provided by the native package manager.

Webi makes it easy to automate across a wide variety of development systems, but if you wanted to automate for a specific system, you could do so in a much simpler way - because you don't have to worry about autodetection or fallbacks 😉.

So here's how to do that for each:


Linux (Debian, Ubuntu)

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y \
    curl \
    git \
    tar \
    wget \
    xz \

Alpine (Docker)

sudo apk add --no-cache \
    curl \
    git \
    tar \
    wget \
    xz \


curl.exe and BSD tar.exe are included as part of Windows 10+ - so there's no needfor wget or zip.


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