vim-shfmt: a vim plugin for shfmt

To update (replacing the current version) run webi vim-shfmt.
To update the config options, first remove ~/.vim/plugins/shfmt.vim


These are the files / directories that are created and/or modified with this install:


If shellcheck and shfmt are not found, they will also be installed.

Cheat Sheet

vim-shfmt uses shfmt to format your bash scripts on save.

Use :Shfmt to run manually (or just save the file with :w).

This plugin comes with reasonable defaults, which install to ~/vim/plugins/shfmt.vim:

let g:shfmt_extra_args = '-i 4 -sr -ci -s'
let g:shfmt_fmt_on_save = 1

How to install and configure manually

  1. Clone vim-shfmt into your ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start:

    mkdir -p ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/
    git clone --depth=1 ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/shfmt
  2. Create the file ~/.vim/plugins/shfmt.vim. Add the same contents as, which will look something like this:

    " ~/.vim/plugins/shfmt.vim
    " 4 indents, space between redirects, indented case statements, simplify
    let g:shfmt_extra_args = '-i 4 -sr -ci -s'
    let g:shfmt_fmt_on_save = 1
    " auto run on .sh and .bash files
    augroup LocalShell
        autocmd BufWritePre *.sh,*.bash Shfmt
    augroup END
  3. Update ~/.vimrc to source that plugin:

    " shfmt: reasonable defaults from
    source ~/.vim/plugins/shfmt.vim


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