mutagen: Remote development tool

To update or switch versions, run webi mutagen@stable (or @v2, @beta, etc).


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Cheat Sheet

Mutagen is a new kind of remote development tool that enables your existing local tools to work with code in remote environments like cloud servers and containers. It does this by providing high-performance real-time file synchronization and flexible network forwarding.

Creating sessions

Create a synchronization session named "web-app-code" between the local path ~/project and an SSH-accessible endpoint.

mutagen sync create --name=web-app-code ~/project

OR Create a forwarding session named "web-app" between port 8080 on localhost and port 1313 inside a Docker container.

mutagen forward create --name=web-app tcp:localhost:8080 docker://devcontainer:tcp:localhost:1313

Listing sessions

mutagen sync list


mutagen forward list

Monitoring a session

mutagen sync monitor web-app-code


mutagen forward monitor web-app

Pausing/resuming sessions

mutagen sync pause web-app-code


mutagen forward pause web-app

To resume replace pause with resume in the above commands

Resetting session

mutagen sync reset web-app-code

Terminating session

mutagen sync terminate web-app-code


mutagen forward terminate web-app

For general help

mutagen --help

For specific command help

mutagen <command> --help


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