MSVC Runtime: The 25mb of Windows that Microsoft just won't install for you.

Cheat Sheet

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You pretty much can't run any freely available programs on Windows without the MSVC Runtime and yet, for some reason, Microsoft won't include it for you, and won't make it easy for those developers to understand how, or whether or not they're even allowed, to actually redistribute it with their applications.

How to Install the MSVC Runtime Manually

  1. Download the official MSVC Runtime:

    # For Legacy x86_64 (amd64) systems:
    curl.exe -o vcredist.exe -L
    # For modern ARM64 systems:
    curl.exe -o vcredist.exe -L
  2. Install the redistributable

    vcredist.exe /install /quiet /passive /norestart

If you prefer to see a visual progress bar you can remove /quiet, and if you prefer to click next a few times for good 'ol times' sake you can remove /passive, and if you prefer the nostalgia of rebooting your computer after every install, remove the /norestart.


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