crabz: multi-threaded gzip (like pigz, but in Rust)

To update or switch versions, run webi crabz@stable (or @0.8, @beta, etc).

Cheat Sheet

crabz brings the power of multi-core compression to gzip and deflate.
(and a few other formats + other useful features)

gzip, faster.

crabz -I ./example.json
crabz -d -I ./example.json.gz
Compressing (gzip) with 8 threads at compression level 6.
Decompressing (gzip) with 8 threads available.

Table of Contents

  • Files
  • Tar
  • Other Formats


These are the files/directories that are created and/or modified with this install:


How to Optimize

Flag Value Comments
-l, --compression-level 1-9 higher is slower
-p, --compression-threads 8 set to the number of available cores
(but no more than 4 for decompression)
-P, --pin-at 0 pin to physical cores, starting at N
(so 4 threads starting at 0 is 0, 1, 2, 3)
crabz -l 9 -p 8 -I ./example.tar

crabz -d -p 4 -I ./example.tar.gz

How to use with Tar

Tar and then compress:

tar cv ./example/ | crabz -o ./example.tar.gz

Or decompress and then untar:

crabz -d ./example.tar.gz | tar xv

How to use with other formats

crabz supports most of the LZ77 with Huffman coding compression formats:

Format Extension Notes
gzip .gz of GNU fame
bgzf .gz supports random-access decompression
mgzip .gz of python fame
zlib .zz of PNG fame, also .z
snap .sz of LevelDB and MongoDB fame
deflate .gz the O.G. LZ77
crabz --format mgzip -I ./example.tar
# DO NOT decompress in-place
crabz --format mgzip -d ./example.tar.gz -o ./example.tar

# verify before removing the original
tar tf ./example.tar

⚠️ Warnings:

  • DO NOT deflate in-place with non-standard formats:
    Although gunzip will work correctly on files compressed with mgzip or bgzf, some combinations (ex: decompressing from mgzip with bgzf) could result in corruption!
  • tar xvf and gzip -l may report incorrect information, even though gunzip will work

See also:

(p.s. zip isn't in the list because it's a container format like tar, not a zip format)


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